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Sevices Overview

Service Overview

Apple products

Refurbished sales and repair

Any sales made will have been thoroughly checked to ensure it operates at Apple standards. All previously known issues will be disclosed beforehand.

New Mac setup/ troubleshooting 

We want the computer to feel like it's yours!

MacOnly specializes in helping customers set up their devices and resolve any difficulties in the process.  This can be done remotely on our end or walk you through it over the phone. 


Working cafe

Hardware/ Software install

Compatibility is a very common issue and usually can be resolved by installing new hardware or updating the operating system and applications.  You may even be able to do it yourself from home and MacOnly can walk you through it!

Network Support

MacOnly understands that dealing with computers can be quite complex and often requires expert knowledge and attention to detail. That's why doing business with MacOnly includes quality insurances with friendly expert assistance... or just advice if that's all you need.

Getting help
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Call for a free consultation
(505) 332-1111

Rates vary based on the device and availability 

Home: About

About MacOnly

Jonathan Longcore has been in computing since 1964 when he programmed an IBM 1620 with punch cards.  He moved into mainframe programming with Delta Airlines, then into Artificial intelligence and systems analyst work.  There he developed major programs for Delta in flight dispatch support and fuel management using the symbolics lisp machine and the Maclvory coprocessor board in a Mac II fx.

The Mac has been part of his life since 1985, introducing and supporting Apple solutions into many different environments. 






Jonathan Longcore

"An interesting side effect is that the salespeople in the retail stores realize they have a savvy customer, sent by me, with back up by me."

Studied ethnomusicology (Traditional Music of Crete, Wesleyan University, MA 1969), Jonathan is a retired System Administrator at KUNM, Albuquerque’s community powered radio. In 1998 he pioneered KUNM's Quicktime Streaming Server that is now part of NPR Digital Services.

Jonathan also worked with Symbolics Lisp Machines (1982-1989), and developed a flight dispatch support system for Delta Air Lines in collaboration with Richard Lamson. This gave a simplified text-based view of the entire real-time flight operation that allowed dispatchers to make better fueling decisions across multiple flight legs.



Currently, Jonathan is on the board of Avokado Artists, providing collaboration and technical resources for this 501(c)3 arts organization, and provides support to the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque.

MacOnly Since 1996


MacOnly, started in 1996 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Samuel Beck as a retail store. It was purchased by Jonathan Longcore in 2000, initially a customer who proposed collaborating in developing the consulting business. From 1998 to 2004 Jonathan and Sam worked together and built a solid consulting business, developing their varied interests to provide resources for many customers needs. They explored streaming projects, government projects, small business projects, did board level repairs on a variety of Macs going back to the earliest machines of 1986

Reliable & Trustworthy

While the collaborative efforts have not stopped, Jonathan now runs the business as a sole proprietor engaging the help of other authorized apple resources as needed. 

FIX-A-MAC is another local apple certified repair and site maintenance operation.  We have collaborated and shared resources for over a decade.

Quality Service

The new location at 4801 Lang Avenue, Suite 110 is just south on Jefferson at Paseo del Norte. Special projects or office visits can be scheduled there. On-site service is also available for the Albuquerque area.

"I thought my Macbook was finally finished after almost a decade.  Not only did MacOnly bring my computer back to life, but it operates even faster than before!"

Proud Partnerships

"Tell them Maconly sent you!"

Guild Cinema
KUNM radio
National institue of Flamenco
Acokado Artist
Home: Contact

I can schedule time at your home or business to take care of connecting it all together, being available for questions after the setup is done, and connect remotely to walk through a problem, all services that a retail store is not equipped to do.


4801 Lang Ave NE Suite 110

Attn Jonathan Longcore
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Service Area:
Albuquerque, New Mexico

(505) 332 - 1111

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