Many years ago when Apple was giving recognition to members of the Apple Consultants Network, December 2006, Jonathan Longcore received the Top Peformer award. They no longer offer the same Business Agent program, so MacOnly can become your computer purchase advocate - my focus is helping you find the right Mac and setting up the resources for the computer appropriate to your needs.


History: Top Performer - Just doing what I love (2006, program inactive since 2009)

The email was nearly lost in the huge Spamalanche that pours through my mail server daily. I was about to pitch it into the Apple mail folder archive when I realized it wasn’t a stock bulk mailed announcement:


Dear Jonathan,

I’m happy to inform you that as a result of the sales you generated on the Apple Business Agent Store, you have joined the elite ranks of Top Performer - Bronze Level. By virtue of this designation, you will receive specific recognition from Apple...

What? - Wait a minute. Well I certainly wasn’t looking for this. But yes, I have been selling a lot of machines. Long time customers ready for an upgrade, new customers, repair failures... It turns out that since I focus on the customer’s needs, they feel really well served if I can also sell them a machine. There is a desire from many customers to reward a hard working consultant with the commission for a sale. Sometimes it is school sale, government sale, (ones that are not commissioned to an AABA), sometimes it’s just getting them comfortable with what Apple has to offer, and sending them to one of the two (now three with the Apple store) retail showrooms in Albuquerque. “Tell them MacOnly sent you” is my standard way to close the sales call.

An interesting side effect is that the sales people in the retail stores realize they have a savvy customer, sent by me, with back up by me: I am ready to sell the product if they aren’t on their toes as a salesperson. This serves the customer really well. Plus I am the one that can schedule time at their home or their business to take care of connecting it all together, and being available for questions after the setup is done, connect remotely to walk through a problem, all services that aretail store is not equipped to do.

So thank you Apple for creating the Apple Authorized Business Agent program. I’m delighted to be an agent, and to help pioneer something different from the retail, “push the boxes out the door” environment, and create more new Apple users.